Everyone wants to live the dream, but for the motorhome/caravan newbie, where to begin?

Signing up to be a member of the NZMCA is just the first step. If you're wanting to know what's the second one, some members will tell you to just get on the road to start traveling and to ask questions after.

Not everyone however can be expected to be that brave the first time around even if it's reassuring to know that members have done just this and that the NZMCA has been around for over six decades. Quite a few have the benefit of having friends and family members who have been NZMCA members at some point or are still active members, and have that advice a mere phone call or email away.

But what if you're practically a motor caravanning virgin so to speak with no current connections? Where do you begin outlining the process of getting a vehicle- motorhomor or caravan?- if you don't have one currently, or if you already do, to get that motor-caravan ready for the road?

Well, you can begin on this section. The NZMCA has a small but effective group of Technical Advisers who are tasked with providing you answers and advice on the main areas of electrical, gas and LPG, the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) and health & safety. Click on the articles below that outlines the basics of what you need to know. To get the contact details of an NZMCA Technical Adviser, you need to login first.

What you need to know: the basics

Gas safety for caravans and motorhomes is paramount.

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Make sure that the electrical warrant of fitness for your motorhome/caravan is up to date

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Your most frequently asked land transport questions answered

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How well do you know the Health & Safety regulations for using a mobile home?

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Wanting to take your RV on an overseas holiday?

When your adventuring starts to take you to foreign shores, you can hire an RV, or take your own with you, but what’s involved?

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