CampSaver Feedback

Member feedback – crucial for helping make CampSaver the best it can be

The CampSaver program is the Associations’ latest member benefit. We’ve gone all in and have managed to get select campgrounds across New Zealand on board with the program, willing to offer such a low rate, exclusive to you.

But to make CampSaver work, it needs to be a win for not only members, but the participating campgrounds too – and we need the full support of all members to do that. Sure, we’ve created a brand-new program just for you, but to make it work the best way possible we also need to hear your thoughts and feedback on CampSaver.

We appreciate all feedback about the program and would also love for you to share your own experiences. If you’ve stayed at a participating campground, let us know so we can show those who aren’t yet participating just how much members support and appreciate the program. Help us get everyone on board and show all campgrounds that CampSaver really can be a win/win.

Please fill out the form below to send us your feedback: