Temporary stay on the certification of people movers and similar small car conversions under the Self Containment Standard – NZS 5465:2001

On 10 February 2018, the NZMCA Board implemented a temporary stay on the ability for NZMCA self-containment officers to certify people movers and similar small car conversions under the provisions of the Self-Containment Standard – NZS 5465:2001.  The Board’s decision is effective immediately and will remain in place for up to two years unless reviewed beforehand.

On 9 June 2018 the Board agreed to accept the re-certification of members’ vehicles only captured by the temporary stay (this has been extended to February 2021).

Please note, the following criteria must be met before the National Office can accept and process a vehicle’s check sheet:

  • The vehicle must have an existing self-containment certificate (as the Board’s decision applies to re-checks only); 
  • The vehicle must be owned by a financial NZMCA member; 
  • The vehicle must meet the new requirements of NZ 5465:2001 (which should now be the case for all inspections as of 1 February 2018); and
  • The vehicle re-check must have been done by an NZMCA testing officer. 

Please download the following PDF for further information, including a non-exhaustive list of affected vehicles.