What is a dump station?

A dump station is a small facility designed to protect public health and the environment by ensuring the proper disposal of wastewater from recreational vehicles e.g. motorhomes, campervans, and boats.

How can I install one?

We offer financial assistance for the installation of new public dump stations through the provision of a pre-cast concrete unit, which requires minimal work to assemble and install, and the appropriate signage to assist the public in locating the site. In return, we require the dump station to meet certain conditions; if you do not meet the requirements for financial assistance (e.g. user pays), you are welcome to purchase the units and signs. For more information about this, contact us for more information.

How do I use a dump station?

For instructions on how to use a dump station, please refer the our Dump Station User Guide. This guide provides step by step instructions, complete with photographs for ease of understanding. The photographs have been kindly provided by NZMCA members - Shirley and Don Pooley #20734.

Please contact our Dump Station Coordinator for any further information and assistance.

Looking for Public Dump Stations?

Watch the video 

Napier public dump station; photo by NZMCA member Shellie Evans
Napier public dump station; photo by NZMCA member Shellie Evans

Dump Station Subsidy Scheme

Dump Stations help to ensure users of recreational vehicles (e.g. motor caravanners, boaties) have somewhere safe to dispose waste water and fill their fresh water tanks.

The NZMCA lobbies local government to install public dump stations in their districts to promote and encourage responsible waste water disposal. They must be installed in areas where large vehicles can access them 24/7 so are usually located adjacent to public toilets, large parking areas and service stations.

Our aim is to improve on the current network of public dump stations across New Zealand so, the NZMCA offers financial assistance to any organisation wishing to install a public dump station*.

We provide the pre-cast unit (built to NZ Standards) and signage valued at $1,200.00 should the project meet the necessary criteria. In special circumstances we may also provide further financial assistance.