If your certified vehicle has a portable toilet, you’re still welcome to remain a member of the club, access our parks and attend NZMCA events.

Until the NZMCA introduces its new system for portable toilets, we will continue to certify your vehicle under NZS 5465:2001 so you can visit our parks and attend events, however, your blue self-containment warrant card and A4 certificate will note “Certification is not for freedom camping purposes”.

If you still want to freedom camp, DOC and many councils will continue to provide sites for non-certified self-contained vehicles in appropriate locations across New Zealand, however, you will have less opportunity to freedom camp in non-designated areas. 

Members’ vehicles with portable toilets and non-expired blue self-containment warrant cards can still freedom camp in local authority areas restricted to self-contained vehicles until their vehicles’ self-containment expires or the transition period ends (whichever comes first).