McKeown Cardfuel

Are you interested in cheaper fuel and easier 24/7 locations? Then read on!

The NZMCA has joined with Mckeown Petroleum to offer members access to a discounted fuel card offer.

Getting the NZMCA and McKeown Card deal is very simple. Download the NZMCA Credit Application Form from, fill it in and send it to the PO Box listed on the application form.

Discounts at McKeown Careful 24/7 sites

Members will receive 10 cents per litre inc GST on Diesel and 9 cents per litre inc GST on petrol off the already extremely competitive prices at all Mckeown Cardfuel 24/7 sites.


For the McKeown cardholder you will be guaranteed a 10 cent discount off the displayed pump price even though we have moved to a National price for Diesel at our fuel stops. At times your discount may be even greater. 

Your discount for petrol will remain the same, your discount being off the displayed pump price. 


(Please download the CORRECT application form- it is labelled NZMCA Credit Application)

For more information, visit

Download and try out their app, available for Android and IOS.