Membership Application

Important notices Please read first


When you join the NZMCA, you (and your partner) are the ones becoming members. You are not able to sell, gift or share your membership to others.


Membership is restricted to those with Certified Self Contained vehicles unless an exemption has been applied for and granted by the CEO. Applications for Membership can be accepted where the applicant is building a Motor Caravan or waiting to purchase a Motor Caravan which, upon completion or purchase, must be Certified Self Contained prior to next joining date anniversary to maintain membership.


Membership is restricted to permanent New Zealand residents and only those overseas residents who are current financial members of a kindred club in their home country. To check current recognised clubs visit click here.


You can join the Association before you purchase a vehicle. Since membership is with you, not the vehicle, you can rent or borrow a vehicle in the interim, so long as it is Certified Self-Contained and you display the NZMCA wing decal and financial window card.

Remember to plan ahead if you need insurance! You can contact Covi Insurance on or 0800 805 965.

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Overseas shipping

If you choose to send your New Membership Pack overseas the rates are:

$NZ International Air

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Membership fee

All payments shown are in $NZ.

Membership declaration

  1. I/We agree to abide by the rules of the NZMCA, which can be accessed by clicking here.
  2. I/We understand that if I/we do not abide by the rules or otherwise bring the Association into disrepute or act in a way which is contrary to the best interests of the Association, I/we may be subject to the NZMCA’s disciplinary procedures set out in the rules, which may include suspension or termination of my/our membership. I/ We understand that details of any adverse findings against me/us arising from this process may be published in accordance with the NZMCA Bylaws.
  3. I/We understand that membership is non-transferable.
  4. In particular I/we understand that it is a requirement of joining to certify my/our motor caravan(s) against the current New Zealand Standard NZS 5465 and maintain this certification throughout the duration of my/our membership unless an exemption has been granted by the CEO. A motor caravan refers to a vehicle that is purposely built to accommodate people overnight, including but not limited to motorhomes, campervans, caravans, 5th wheelers, converted trucks and buses.

Privacy declaration

  1. The information collected in this form may be used by the NZMCA to provide me/us with information updating me/us on the full range of services NZMCA offer, including information in relation to service providers/partners of NZMCA. I am aware that I can opt out of ongoing communications at any time.
  2. Information collected in this form may also be dealt with in the manner set out in the NZMCA Privacy Policy. The NZMCA respects your privacy and all personal information is held in accordance with the NZMCA Privacy Policy which can be accessed by clicking here.
  3. Where we share a dual membership with our spouse/partner, he/she will be able to access and update any information collected in this form about me and/or other personal information that the NZMCA collects about me, unless I advise the NZMCA otherwise.