Do you know how much you ‘weigh’?

There has been much chatter and concern about vehicle weight and the possibility of fines; here are some FAQs and definitive answers courtesy of NZMCA Technical Adviser Peter Thompson.

This nation-wide programme by the NZTA is designed to reduce heavy vehicle overloading on New Zealand roads. The aim is that it’s supposed to help improve productivity and safety, while ensuring heavy vehicle operators pay their fair share of road maintenance.
The programme is installing roadside technology and developing intelligent software to screen heavy vehicles and to direct potentially overweight vehicles into a commercial vehicle safety centre (CVSC, formerly weigh stations) for further inspection. Vehicle screening involves weigh-in-motion or in-road scales, automatic number plate recognition cameras, and electronic signs all working together to identify potentially overweight vehicles. By targeting potentially overweight non-compliant vehicles it enables compliant heavy vehicles to continue their journey without interruption, and better use of resources and time.
The Weigh Right (WR) programming will exclude any motor vehicle that is registered as a motor caravan if it is under 6,000kg in mass. Any motor caravan that is over 6,000kg will be screened by the WR system as will any other heavy motor vehicle. If found to be in breach of any of the mass rules in the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule (VDAM) any such vehicle will be directed to stop by notification of the vehicles registration number on the sign directing vehicles to stop. The driver of a vehicle that is facing a sign requiring a vehicle of registration number XXXXXX is required to stop at the Safety Centre and submit to being weighed and checked by Police CVST officers. Another alternative is that the sign may display a message of ALL HMV STOP. In those cases ALL heavy motor vehicles must stop at the Safety Centre (that is vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass exceeding 3,500kg). The penalty for failing to stop when directed to by the sign is $1000 infringement notice issued to the driver of the vehicle. The Police officers on site will make a determination whether or not to complete a full check of any motor caravan

(Information courtesy of the NZTA &  Senior Sergeant Paul Simcox of the National Road Policing Centre)


Glenn Berridge

Hi can anyone shed light on w hat is the requirement for GCM, (gross combination mass). Say a 5,500kg motor home towing a Suzuki JImney for example (suzuki approx 1,100kg). Cheers

7 months ago
John Wylie

You will need to look at what your towbar is certified for, example-1tonne unbraked and 2 tonne braked, so you would be OK towing a suzuki Jimny which I think has a gvm (this is the weight you have to go by) of just over 1.4tonne but you would have to fit an auxiliary braking system. Hope this helps.

7 months ago
Brent Riddell

The two members that I met on the Napier foreshore in November certainly knew of the costs involved of overloading. Random stopped and weighed by police, 200 kg over $800.00 fine.

7 months ago
Jimmy Smith

Any chance of getting a list of weighbridges in Canterbury

7 months ago
Al Nicholson

I have recently started a new business “vanWeigh” and can weigh any vehicle up to 30,000kg to an accuracy of + or - 1% and provide a detailed report. Check out vanWeigh on Facebook or google the website. Cheers Al

6 months ago
Malcolm Judd

where can i get my caravan weghed wellington area ?

6 months ago
Don Nicholson

does the 6000kg include the tow vehicle or just the caravan

6 months ago
Lindsay Morton

Many refuse and steel recycling sites have weighing tables; worked for me.

6 months ago
Terry Pannett

Do you know if there is a built in margin for error for these 'weigh in motion' scales ?

5 months ago

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