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Membership fee increase announced

Keen to maintain the Association’s momentum in providing more benefits for members, the NZMCA Board has decided to increase the annual membership fee by $12.

The first NZMCA membership fee increase in eight years (the current annual fee of $90 was set in 2016) the new $102 fee will take effect for subscription years starting from October 1 this year.*

In proposing the fee increase, CEO Bruce Lochore said he was well aware that many Kiwis were feeling the pinch in the current economic climate so he had asked the Board to carefully consider balancing the financial impact against the ongoing requirement to meet members’ changing needs.

"For the last few years, the Association has been keeping a close eye on costs and operating conservative budgets. For us to again hold subscriptions to the existing fee at a time when many of the costs we face are increasing outside our control would have a negative impact on benefits and services for members."

Mr Lochore said there was considerable discussion around the extent of the proposed new fee before the Board agreed on the $12 increase (which at 13%  is just under half the 27% rate of inflation since the fee was last increased in 2016). 

“Since a previous Board last raised the fee in 2016 (it was a $10 increase back then) the benefits available to members have grown considerably. And we want to continue with that momentum.

"Our NZMCA Parks portfolio is a graphic example of that. In 2016 we had 32 properties; today we have 60 properties available for our members’ use and we’re still actively seeking more opportunities to increase the benefits we offer in more sites and, where applicable, more facilities.

"Of course, extra facilities mean extra costs. Take rubbish removal, a really valuable service for our members which is now available on more than two-thirds of our sites. 

"Eight years ago that was costing us less than $30,000 a year; today it’s over $260,000 a year.

"It’s the same story with park mowing; eight years ago that was costing us $20,000 a year; today it’s over $130,000 a year. 

"I’m sure no one would suggest we cut back on such services; in fact the opposite is true – the majority of members are seeking more development in our park offerings. It is not just the increases in operating costs for the parks, it is also the capital requirements to purchase and develop the parks that have increased significantly. Important as they are; this isn’t just about our parks though."

Mr Lochore says: “There’s been a long list of other benefits added over that eight-year period too; the development of the CampSaver scheme - which this year has close on 100 participating commercial campsites; additional dump stations nationwide; significant expenditure on website development and the NZMCA App to again meet members’ changing needs; developing new activities for our members to have fun, such as the nationwide Events Program and this summer’s new South Island Children’s Rally; and subsidising the cost of The Motor Caravanner magazine, more accurately, the postage which eight years ago was cost neutral for us but now is $770,000."

“The list goes on and on and there’s more to come as we continue to grow as a member-focused organisation that aims to meet our members’ needs."


If your membership expires BEFORE 30 September, your renewal will be $90 (or less if you have a continuous membership discount). If your membership expires ON OR AFTER 30 September, then the new price increase applies.

Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming

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