Motorhome Friendly Cambridge

the old brick water tower
the old brick water tower

New Zealand's most beautiful town is now also motorhome-friendly

First of all the name- it’s inevitable to wonder if it’s somehow related to the royal dukedom of Cambridge currently held by Prince William.

And the answer is yes; it was named after the previous titleholder, Prince George of the House of Hanover and a cousin of Queen Victoria who was then the commander in chief of the British army. The town was established when the 3rd Regiment of the Waikato Militia settled there in 1864 following the invasion of the Waikato.

Fun fact: the world-class sport & leisure facility Avantidrome completed in 2014 was opened by the current Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate.

But sport facility notwithstanding, it’s the town’s geographical features that make it the epicentre for cycling and water activities. Waikato’s rural plains already presents itself as a versatile landscape for riding adventures for all skill levels. A great starting point would be on the banks of the mighty Waikato River which offers walking and cycling trails that meander from forest, bridges to challenging downhill tracks. In total, its 100km length encompasses five lakes, four hydro dams and a number of towns and villages.

Check-out: Te Awa The Great New Zealand River Ride.

Feeling something a bit more leisurely and easy? Take a Walking Cambridge Tour through some of the town’s historic attractions and find out why it’s consistently lauded as the country’s most beautiful town.

if you’re more inclined to see what the water offers, the Waikato River and nearby Lake Karapiro offer everything from simple fishing to adrenaline pumping Camjet rides. Check it out here.

Where to stay:

Camping Ground with Dump Station

Cambridge TOP 10 Holiday Park
#1627 on the TD and Travel App
Conveniently right in the middle of town

Mighty River Domain
#1630 on the TD and Travel App
This is your spot if you want to do a lot of water activities as it sits right on the banks of Lake Karapiro.


Cafe Irresistiblue at Monavale Blueberries
#1685 on the TD and Travel App
Ten minutes drive from Cambridge- for the blueberry fan as it has a wide selection of treats and dishes with blueberries.

Leamington Freshchoice
#1626 on the TD and Travel App
A good, no-fee option at a supermarket carpark as it’s right in town.

#1619 on the TD and Travel App
Proximity to cafe, shops, Avantidrome, Lake Karapiro

Nearest dump-station

Cambridge Wastewater Treatment Plant PDS
Matos Segedin Dr., Cambridge
#1624 on the TD and Travel App

(Always consult the online or printed Travel Directory or the Travel App to find other sites in the area).

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