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Please Note: ID checks at NZMCA Parks this summer


When you enter an NZMCA Park this summer, you’ll spot a sign advising you that a Park Custodian may want to check your ID to ensure that you're a current financial member of the NZMCA. 

So, please don’t be offended if (as the sign advises) because there’s a valid reason for it. The Board has asked all Custodians at NZMCA Parks throughout the country to check the ID as well as membership cards of people using our parks, to ensure one of the key membership benefits you pay for each year is only available to members.

Members should all be aware that for non-members to use member only privileges is strictly against our club rules.

As President Bruce Stanger explains in his column in the Dec 2017- Jan 2018 issue of The Motor Caravanner:  “NZMCA membership is only for the persons named on the membership and their children travelling with them in the van.”

Any members caught lending their membership will be referred immediately to the Disciplinary Committee and can expect to be expelled from the club.

( The Google map graphic above shows currently open parks. Parks NOT on the map are either still in the process of being finalised or improved )
  • Download a printable A4 sized PDF of the above NZMCA Parks Map - CLICK HERE
  • Download a printable A3 sized PDF - CLICK HERE
We've also put together a more 'ink friendly' version of the map for you to download and print.
  • Download a printable A4 sized PDF of the above NZMCA Parks Map - CLICK HERE
  • Download a printable A3 sized PDF - CLICK HERE

A network of 37 association owned or leased parks for exclusive member use

We operate a network of parks across New Zealand with access exclusive to financial members travelling in certified self contained motor caravans. Some parks provide basic facilities e.g. a dump station, fresh water, rubbish and recycling bins, while others simply provide a safe place to park overnight.

Help keep the NZMCA Parks at their best so please don't forget to place your $3pn,pp fee in the Iron Maiden (children of school age are free).This will go a long way in helping to cover our parks' operational costs. Any cheques that have 'Non Transferable' on them need to be made out to NZMCA, not cash, otherwise the bank will not accept them. Remember to display as well either the wing decal or the financial silver card (this is more important so always have this with you) and make sure you have a current self-containment certificate.

Members: Read the full criteria for use of the NZMCA Parks here
Members: Want to know how long you can stay at an NZMCA Park?  (members log in and download the PDF from the online Travel Directory)

  • Members, visit the Online Travel Directory for details on each Park. This can be done by using Search Option One, and selecting 'NZMCA Parks' from the 'Site Type' drop down menu.
  • In some of our Parks the use of generators is expressly not allowed under our Resource Consent. Where they are allowed, generators must not be used between 8pm and 8am, and for no longer than two hours at any one time, and for not more than two x two-hour stints in any one day.  Also, it is a simple courtesy to make sure your generator exhaust is facing away from other campers.Likewise, if you need to run your engine to charge batteries, move your vehicle away (where possible) or consult your neighbour before starting your engine.

If you know of a site that we may be interested in purchasing or leasing let us know!

(Please read the Property Acquisition Policy first and then complete and send Part 1 of the Prospective Property Form to the National Office (complete Part 2 only if you have the relevant information at hand).

Property Acquistion Strategy PDF; This strategy outlines the Boards objectives and priorities for acquiring and developing NZMCA Parks nationwide. Please refer to this document when assessing the potential for a new site

Property Acquisition Policy PDF; The policy outlines the key attributes the NZMCA looks for when acquiring new sites, along with operational matters and the broad process followed to investigate and open a new site. Please refer to this document when assessing the potential for a new site. 

Prospective Property Form, PDF, Word file; If, after reading the strategy and policy above, you believe a site would make an ideal NZMCA Park, please complete this form with as much information as possible and send it to for the Property Sub-Committees consideration.

Property Sub-Committee (PSC) Contact list

Neville Stirling, Chairperson,, 03 236 0758 / 027 433 3918

Peter Willcox, Board member,, 06 348 9910 / 027 445 4629

James Imlach, National Policy & Planning Manager,, 09 298 5466 ext 705

Can't open PDF? Email us here for a Word file

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