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The Parks Network

A network of 46 association owned or leased parks for exclusive member use.

We operate a network of parks across New Zealand with access exclusive to financial members travelling in certified self contained motor caravans. Some parks provide basic facilities e.g. a dump station, fresh water, rubbish and recycling bins, while others simply provide a safe place to park overnight.

Keep our NZMCA Parks at their best and find out about the rules. More info below ... 

Park 8065
Lake Tekapo SOUTH CANTERBURY Lilybank Rd, Tekapo

Keep our nzmca parks at their best

Help keep the NZMCA Parks at their best so please don't forget to place your $3 per night / per person fee in the Iron Maiden (children of school age are free). This will go a long way in helping to cover our parks' operational costs. Any cheques that have 'Non Transferable' on them need to be made out to NZMCA, not cash, otherwise the bank will not accept them. Remember to display the wing decals and the financial silver card (this is more important so always have this with you) and make sure you have a current self-containment certificate.

Maximum nights stay

View park details via above interactive map or via the Travel Directory to find the maximum nights stay for each park.

Use of generators

In some of our Parks the use of generators is expressly not allowed under our Resource Consent. Where they are allowed, generators must not be used between 8pm and 8am, and for no longer than two hours at any one time, and for not more than two x two-hour stints in any one day.  Also, it is a simple courtesy to make sure your generator exhaust is facing away from other campers.Likewise, if you need to run your engine to charge batteries, move your vehicle away (where possible) or consult your neighbour before starting your engine.

Find out more: full criteria for use of the NZMCA Parks

Find out more: Park Custodian Duties & Responsibilities


NZMCA Parks Reserved Parking Site Policy

This policy applies when a member staying at an NZMCA Park wants to reserve their parking site during the day. This policy does not apply to other overnight parking sites outside of the NZMCA’s control. 

How it works

After a member has arrived on site, registered and paid the applicable overnight parking fee, they may temporarily reserve their parking site when leaving an NZMCA Park for a few hours during the day, e.g. to go shopping or visit a local attraction... DOWNLOAD THE FULL PDF


Printable Maps

Download these printable NZMCA Parks (Updated as of February 2020)

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Ink Friendly

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Property Sub-Committee (PSC) Contact List and Prospective Parks

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