POP Application

Please fill out this form to join the POP Scheme. You will be contacted within 1-7 days to inform you if your application is successful.


You must be the owner or the authorised representative of the site being put forward for listing

Further Details

Your email details are automatically entered into a mailing list specifically for Park Over Property Scheme site owners/contacts. From time to time we will send you important notices and updates regarding the scheme.

Overnight Rates

If you charge a fee for members to stay overnight please provide the rate and whether the rate is per person or per vehicle per night. Charges for amenities should be set out in the 'Additional Information' below.

NZMCA may edit content and formatting to ensure consistency across listings

NZMCA may edit content and formatting to ensure consistency across listings

.e.g local attractions, charges for amenities.

e.g. dogs on leads, hours to get in, dates unavailable, NZMCA member access only

Facilities Offered on Site (optional)

Not sure about what constitutes a large vehicle?

Large Vehicle Dimensions
  • 2.5 metres wide when slides closed up.With both slides expanded in the rear lounge area the width is 4.5 metres (Almost all large 5th Wheels have double slides at the rear)
  • Large vehicles need 4m+ in height and a width of 2.5m from overhanging trees as well as clearance from gardens and rocks to safely access the property.


We provide signage to ensure visibility and instant recognition by NZMCA members. There are two colours: white is for POPs that charge a fee for parking overnight; yellow is for POPs that offer free overnight parking (though fees may be applicable if using amenities).

The single-sided signage is made from laminated 4mm thick ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) with a size of 290mm x 240mm.

Do you feel that the signage is too small? The ‘wings’ logo of the NZMCA is trademarked; if you are looking to create a bigger signage at your own expense using the association logo please send us an email, [email protected].

These signs remain the property of the NZMCA & must be removed if requested by the NZMCA.

Members Welcome Sign (optional)

Sign - NZMCA Members Welcome

For sites that charge a fee.

Sign - Park Over Property

For sites that offer free parking.

Would you like to submit a photo for your online listing?

Photos must be a jpg, png or gif and be less than 10mb.

POP Scheme Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

  1. The NZMCA reserves the right to decline an application if it deems it not appropriate within the standards we've set for suitable overnight parking for our members. The NZMCA also reserves the right to remove a listing if circumstances violate these same standards.
  2. The Property Owner(s) confirms all information provided is correct and should this information change agree to update the NZMCA National Office immediately.
  3. To withdraw a property from the scheme it shall be sufficient for the Property Owners or NZMCA National Office to give such notice in writing, and return any Park Over Property signs to the NZMCA National Office.
  4. The NZMCA will not accept any liability to any property owner, member or persons in the motor caravan for any accident, injury, loss, or damage to persons or property occupying or using any part of a site, however caused
  5. Should a site contravene any New Zealand REGULATION OR LAW, e.g. Camping Ground Regulations (1985),The Resource Management Act (1991) (including district and regional plans), and the Building Act 2004, the NZMCA will not be responsible for any legal implications. It is the responsibility of the property owner, and not the NZMCA, to ensure their site complies with all applicable rules and regulations.
  6. All fees and donations are governed by the individual site owners, and not the NZMCA.