Rights And Obligations

Membership of the NZMCA offers privileges and benefits to the members and in return requires that the members have regard to their obligations to the Association.

Every member has the right to:

  • Attend board meetings where you may be granted speaking rights, but are not entitled to vote.
  • Be present at the Annual General Meeting, or Special General Meetings, of the Association.
  • Present remits or notices of motion for consideration at the AGM or special general meetings.
  • Vote on all remits or notices of motion at the AGM or special general meetings.
  • Stand for election to the Board; or Area Committee.
  • Display the Association's vehicle badge - the 'Wings'.
  • A copy of NZMCA publications including The "Motor Caravanner" and to contribute articles for printing in the "Motor Caravanner".
  • Take advantage of the Park over Properties listed in the Travel Directory.
  • Take advantage of discounts offered, trading opportunities, and other services offered to members.
  • Become part of the Group Insurance Scheme.
  • Have your vehicle checked for Self Containment Warrants and the Low Volume Vehicle Code of Construction in accordance with the guide-lines these schemes operate under.
  • Attend rallies and social events anywhere in New Zealand, unless special conditions apply.

The obligations required of members:

  • Pay annual subscriptions on time and the fees requested for some services.
  • Consider the local by-laws wherever you travel.
  • When attending rallies or social events to comply with requests and conditions set by the Rally Marshal or organising committee, including the payment of rally fees when requested.
  • The responsible disposal of waste, with regard to the environment code of conduct.
  • Have your motor caravan comply with government regulations.
  • Promote the Association wherever you travel by encouraging new members and maintaining the image of the NZMCA.
  • When selling your motor caravan to non members please remove 'wings'. 
  • Remember while rallying or travelling the roads that you are seen to be a member of the NZMCA which is a low impact green organisation. 

Road Travelling Courtesy

There are a few simple rules members are expected to observe while travelling.

  • Do not travel in close convoy on public roads.
  • Pull over as soon as possible when a trailing line has formed behind you.
  • Communication between NZMCA members while travelling on CB is usually to tune to Channel 24; with deregulation you could use your NZMCA number as your call sign, e.g. NZMCA 2356 calling NZMCA 1935.