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All vehicles certified to the New Zealand Standard - Self-containment of motor caravans and caravans (NZS 5465:2001) must display a warrant card on the front windscreen clearly showing the expiry date of certification, and keep inside the vehicle a certificate with the vehicle's containment specifications.

Although not a mandatory requirement under NZS 5465:2001, certified self-contained (CSC) vehicles should also display a 'self containment' sticker. The 'blue sticker' was introduced by LGNZ, DOC, MFE, NZMCA and Standards NZ in 2012 with the purpose of assisting enforcement officers to easily identify a vehicle's CSC status. 

If you have misplaced your self containment certificate or wish to verify a vehicles certified self-containment status, please enter the vehicle registration number below for a copy of the certificate and expiry date.

Please note - although the NZMCA's database contains extensive vehicle self-containment information, a small number of vehicles are not certified through the NZMCA, therefore the record may not be housed electronically.


If you have trouble searching for a vehicle please contact the National Office on 09 298 5466 or alternatively, send us an email with the rego details of the vehicle you're searching for.

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