At this stage, we expect the Bill will become law around mid-2023. At this point, only vehicles with permanently fixed toilets can be certified (or recertified) as self-contained under the two-year transitional provisions.

The camping industry will gradually begin moving over to a new regulatory system with modified conditions for vehicle certification. We are waiting on the Government to release the draft regulations before we can advise members on these new certification requirements. 

The Bill includes two-year transitional provisions after the new rules come into effect. For a brief period of time, vehicles will either be lawfully certified under NZ Standard 5465:2001 or the Government’s new regulations. Vehicles with portable toilets that were certified self-contained before the Bill is passed into law will remain certified until their self-containment certificates expire or the transitional provisions come to an end (whichever comes first). 

Please visit the Government’s website for the most up-to-date timeline and detailed breakdown of the Bill’s timeframes and transitional provisions.