AH Reed Memorial Park to the Whangarei Falls - Otuihau

Walking Trail

15 mins - 1 hr 30 mins, easy difficulty

About the trail
Variety of walks.
A truly delightful walk encompassing the AH Reed Memorial Park to the Whangarei Falls - Otuihau.

Dog friendly: No

Things to know

DISABLED ACCESS: Access for the disabled to the Canopy Walkway is from the middle carpark on Whareora Road


The walk between the Park and the waterfall follows the Hatea River. There are many picnic spots and freshwater swimming holes.  This is an easy walk, with some short steep climbs, that is suitable for all ages and it is a popular running track for many locals.

If you are walking from the Park to the picturesque waterfall, your first sight of the falls will be from the base. It is 26.3 metres high and falls over basalt cliffs that were formed more than two million years ago.


AH Reed Memorial Park is a remnant of the original kauri forests which were once extensive throughout Northland. The Park features a stunning canopy walkway, enabling visitors to ‘get up close and personal’ with stately 500-year-old kauri trees.

Enjoy a birds-eye view looking down on beautiful nikau palms and other native trees. A detour from the Canopy Walkway will take you on a short walk where you will see the lesser-known, but beautiful, Pukenui Falls.

Also, enjoy a chorus of bird-song. You may see and hear kukupa (wood pigeon), tui, and riroriro (grey warbler). Wai Koromiko stream is home to the tuna or long-finned eel.


This area is known as Otuihau to local Maori and was traditionally a good eeling (fishing) spot.

The park is named after the late A.H. Reed, a New Zealand historian, author, publisher, and long-distance walker.


This walk can be started at either the Whangarei waterfall end or at AH Reed Memorial Kauri Park on Whareora Rd. Parking is available at both start points. If you start at the AH Reed end, the return walk will be gently downhill.


Elizabeth Track (lower carpark) to Kauri and Canopy Walkway 490m, 15min

Elizabeth Track (lower carpark) return via Canopy Walkway and Alexander Track - 890m, 40min

From AH Reed Kauri Park to Whangarei Falls and return -  approximately  1.5 kms, 1.5 hours

Access for the disabled to the Canopy Walkway is from the middle carpark on Whareora Road

Source: www.whangareinz.com/Holiday/Activities#/otuihau-whangarei-falls

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