CampSaver Application

Campground Details

Your site needs to be listed in the Travel Directory to be part of the CampSaver Scheme. This listing is FREE; to sign up click here.

Contact Details

Must be the owner or manager

For further communication

Child Rates

You may already have your own definition of what you consider a 'child' & possibly choose to offer specific ages free of charge. This is what you will use for CampSaver, with the age you consider a 'child', charged at $5.

e.g. 2-5 years, under 2 FOC


e.g. $2 for 3 min shower, $5 entry to swimming pool etc.


Long Term Stays

CampSaver is intended as a short term stay program, but there are members who live permanently on the road and will intend to use the program for long-term stays. Please indicate below if you would like to set a maximum night members can stay for or if you will offer unlimited night stays (long-term)

Terms & Conditions

By submitting this form you formally agree that:

  1. You are an official registered campground and have a license/certificate to operate as one
  2. You will offer the $20 CampSaver rate for 2 people in a vehicle, for a powered site (charge for extra adults $10, children $5)
  3. You will offer the $15 max One Person rate for a powered site
  4. You will offer the rate for the entire CampSaver period, from April 1 to October 31 for the year 2020 (involvement confirmed annually)
  5. The rate will be given when members request it, upon showing a valid membership card

Once this application is approved, this form will serve as official documentation confirming that you have agreed to honour the above in full.