Initiated by the NZMCA for the first time in 2019, CampSaver, is a proactive FREE program designed to increase occupancy in your campground during the off-season.

It's a win/win for both campground operators and members. By offering an affordable rate to NZMCA members, campgrounds can receive necessary income from sites that usually sit unused during the months outside the peak season. 

The catalyst for the scheme came from a comprehensive survey of our membership which showed us that while the majority of our members stay in campgrounds occasionally throughout the year, an overwhelming 85 per cent of them would stay more often if a reduced off-season rate was offered.

To be part of the program, simply offer the CampSaver rate to NZMCA members, during the CampSaver period.

You must also be:

  1. Not affiliated with or part of any major marketing group
  2. An official registered campground and have a license/certificate to operate as one
  3. Listed in the NZMCA Travel Directory – (if you are not yet listed, please fill out the form here -

The Rate

$20 for two in a vehicle per night on a powered site (Extra: adults $10, children $5)

One Person rate is $15 per night 

The Off-season Period

CampSaver is in effect from April 1st – October 30th for the year 2020.

This is the period to which the rate can be redeemed.


These major peak periods that fall within the above are excluded from the program. The rate cannot be redeemed during these dates.

  • Easter (Friday 10th – Monday 13th April 2020)
  • Queen’s Birthday (Saturday 1st – Monday 3rd June 2020)
  • Labour Day  (Saturday 24th – Monday 26th October 2020)
  • Anniversary Weekend (dates respective to your region)

The CampSaver rate applies to the price of powered sites - heres how the below are affected:

You may already have your own definition of what you consider a ‘child’ & possibly choose to offer specific ages free of charge. This is what you will use for CampSaver, and the age you consider a ‘child’, must be charged at $5
You may have facilities included in the cost of a powered site, as well as facilities that have a small additional fee. Charge the additional fees for use of facilities as you currently do, during CampSaver
You can join even if your campground will be closed for a period of time, during the CampSaver period (depending on duration), provided the approximate dates/months are given at the start of the program (e.g. campground closed for maintenance, bad weather conditions, travel)
Although major public holidays have been excluded from the program, you can choose to offer the CampSaver rate during a long weekend should you wish to increase occupancy during that time
You can choose the max length of nights a member can stay at your campground if you do not wish to offer long-term stays

Terms & Conditions that members must abide by:

  1. CampSaver is only for active, financial NZMCA members. Memberships are non-transferrable and should not be lent to non-members for them to redeem the rate. Campgrounds are entitled to request secondary proof of identification, to verify this.
  2. A membership card (or silver financial card) should be presented at campgrounds & the CampSaver rate requested to be used. Failure to mention or ask to use the rate may result in the campground charging their normal rate.
  3. For a non-member travelling with an NZMCA member, to have the rate extended to them they must be travelling in the same vehicle as the card holder. If they are travelling in a separate vehicle they are not entitled to the discount.
  4. Select participating campgrounds have a limited number of powered sites. It is a first come, first serve basis, and if powered sites are not available, a non-powered site will be offered.

The Marketing Benefits of CampSaver

CampSaver allows members to easily find campgrounds, in amongst approximately 400 throughout New Zealand.

If you’re listed in the NZMCA Travel Directory, your campground may be found by members. But with CampSaver, participating campgrounds will be the first choice for members when choosing where to camp as members receive the guarantee that these trusted campgrounds offer the best rates.

Our Marketing Through CampSaver:

Promotion in The Motor Caravanner

CampSaver pages in each bi-monthly issue of the members-only magazine. BONUS: The first 60 campgrounds to sign up will be featured in an issue.

Inclusion in the NZMCA Travel App

The members-only app, where members can search for all sites listed in our Travel Directory. There is a CampSaver category that lists all current participating sites.

A CampSaver Directory

An official list of all participating campgrounds - Sent out in the post to all members; readily stocked at 43 NZMCA Parks; and handed out at 3 major Motorhome shows

CampSaver Signage

A4 signage to identify campgrounds affiliated with the NZMCA as part of CampSaver is available for display at campgrounds as well as sizeable window stickers. A digital copy of the CampSaver logo is gifted to participating campgrounds for own marketing purposes.

Facebook & Instagram

Recurring posts about CampSaver are done through Facebook & Instagram, during the CampSaver period and also continued outside it, in the peak season. Ability for NZMCA to share relevant content from participating campgrounds FB posts, and liaise with campgrounds for collaborative content.

Campground Details

Your site needs to be listed in the Travel Directory to be part of the CampSaver Scheme. This listing is FREE; to sign up click here.

Contact Details

Must be the owner or manager

For further communication

Child Rates

You may already have your own definition of what you consider a 'child' & possibly choose to offer specific ages free of charge. This is what you will use for CampSaver, with the age you consider a 'child', charged at $5.

e.g. 2-5 years, under 2 FOC


e.g. $2 for 3 min shower, $5 entry to swimming pool etc.


Long Term Stays

CampSaver is intended as a short term stay program, but there are members who live permanently on the road and will intend to use the program for long-term stays. Please indicate below if you would like to set a maximum night members can stay for or if you will offer unlimited night stays (long-term)

Terms & Conditions

By submitting this form you formally agree that:

  1. You are an official registered campground and have a license/certificate to operate as one
  2. You will offer the $20 CampSaver rate for 2 people in a vehicle, for a powered site (charge for extra adults $10, children $5)
  3. You will offer the $15 max One Person rate for a powered site
  4. You will offer the rate for the entire CampSaver period, from April 1 to October 31 for the year 2020 (involvement confirmed annually)
  5. The rate will be given when members request it, upon showing a valid membership card

Once this application is approved, this form will serve as official documentation confirming that you have agreed to honour the above in full.