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Why Joining CampSaver is a Win-Win?


It's because the idea behind it is both a simple and logical one- to increase occupancy in your independent campground during the off-season (March 1 - November 30) a discounted rate will be given for the NZMCA's 85,000-plus members.

The catalyst for the scheme came from a recent comprehensive survey of our membership which showed us that while the majority of our members stay in campgrounds occasionally throughout the year, an overwhelming 85 per cent of them would stay more often if a reduced off-season rate was offered.

This is our chance to shake up the off-season!

Fill up the online application form below if you haven’t yet and watch this space- the full page will be completed soon.

Your site needs to be listed in the Travel Directory to be part of the CampSaver Scheme. This listing is FREE; to sign up click here

Terms & Conditions

  1. I AGREE to be part of the 'CampSaver Scheme' for the off-season period, starting 1st March 2019 - 30th November 2019
  2. You must be an independent campground
  3. The standard rate for NZMCA members will be $20 a vehicle per night, max 2 people (extra $10 per adults, $5 per children)
  4. The standard rate must be offered for both powered and non-powered campsites
  5. That rate must be offered from March 1 - November 30 (excluding Easter)
  6. Involvement will be confirmed annually - but once you sign up, you must honour that commitment for the full period
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