For over 20 years, we’ve partnered with the Department of Conservation (DOC) to help protect the environment and give back to nature. We all love exploring our unique places and experiencing everything our beautiful country has to offer. We’ll continue to work together to protect and enhance what we treasure now and for future generations. We do our bit by: 

  • Members volunteering thousands of hours every year for DOC and other conservation initiatives. 
  • Funding for Kea Conservation Trust and the Greenfund
  • Advocating responsible freedom camping. 
  • Promoting new and lesser-known DOC campsites. 
  • Promoting DOC projects and opportunities to get involved in your community. 

How can I make a difference? 

You can make a difference while having fun, gaining new skills, getting fit and meeting new friends. It’s a great experience getting outdoors and doing something worthwhile for New Zealand’s environment. There are loads of opportunities every year for you to get involved in your local community or during your travels. Find out more. 

Marty and Shona Kebble (#9433) volunteered as DOC camp wardens at picturesque Anaura Bay on the East Coast.

“You’re immediately blown away by the absolute beauty of this part of the coast. We made many wonderful new friends during our time at the bay. We’re glad we discovered such a great spot to unwind and chill out and would highly recommend the experience to our fellow NZMCA members.” 

Four NZMCA members mucked in to transform Uretiti DOC Campsite (TD#790).

Scott Blackburn (#48681), Hamish Bunbury, Peter Mills (#36043), and Terry Hide (#47465) invested countless hours replanting Uretiti and beautifying the camp. “I’m not a landscaper but I like gardening and I know my way around a garden,” said Scott. They’ve planted thousands of natives and put in trailer loads of mulch.

We’d love to hear about how you’ve been mucking in

Send us your story with a photo

Save up to 30% on DOC places to stay 

In recognition of NZMCA’s significant contribution to conservation and recreation across Aotearoa New Zealand, members can get the best available discounts on a range of Department of Conservation (DOC) accommodation options.  

NZMCA members save 30% on annual DOC campsite and backcountry hut passes; and 25% on casual visits to most DOC campsites and backcountry huts, the Great Walks, and sole occupancy lodges, cabins and cottages that the whole family can enjoy. 

Following a comprehensive review of DOC campsite fees earlier this year, DOC have also adjusted the annual and monthly campsite pass fees that came into effect on 1 July 2022 and apply for all pass purchases until 30 June 2023. They’ve also discontinued the weekly campsite pass. This helps DOC maintain their campsites in some of the best spots in New Zealand. We reckon the passes are still great value if you regularly stay at DOC campsites. If you don’t, the per night rates are very affordable and members save 25% at most sites. Find out more. 

You can’t beat the feeling of escaping it all and getting amongst our beautiful landscape.  Discover over 168 motor caravan accessible DOC campsites – choose from forest settings, lakeshores and sandy beaches. Including some with powered sites ($3 surcharge applies when you use your annual pass). If you're travelling with your furbaby, with a little bit of research and preparation, you can still enjoy 62 of these campsites that are dog-friendly. You’ll  find them listed in our NZMCA app and online Travel Directory. Or find out more about them on the DOC site.  

How much will I save? 

If you stay at DOC campsites or backcountry huts regularly, you’re better off buying an annual pass. NZMCA members save 30% on DOC annual passes. If you’re not a regular, you can still save 25% on the normal rates per adult per night. 

All prices below include GST and are per adult per night. Prices subject to change.

Annual passes – save 30% - prices effective from 1 July 2022

  • You can purchase a pass up to one month before you use it. 
  • The annual pass is valid for 12 months from the date you select when you buy it.  
  • Members using powered campsites will need to pay a $3 surcharge when using their pass. 
Conservation campsite pass Monthly Annual
Adult (18+) $95 NZMCA members: $136.50 (normally $195, save 30%)
Child (5-17) $47.50 $97.50
Infant (0-4) FREE FREE

If you're using your campsite pass at a bookable DOC site, it's important you book in advance and don't wing it. That will secure your spot especially at busy campsites like Tōtaranui. Plus avoid a fee if the campground staff have to do the booking or you. You can use the annual campsite pass for up to a maximum of seven consecutive days within a 30 day period at each campground. 

Backcountry hut pass 6 months Annual
Adult (18+) $108 NZMCA members: $100.80 (normally $144, save 30%)
Youth (11-17) $54 $50.40
Child (5-10) FREE FREE
Infant (0-4) FREE FREE

Casual visits – save 25% 

You’ll still save 25% per night if you stay at DOC accommodation occasionally but not enough to make it worth getting an annual pass. There's no limit on the number of nights you can book a DOC campsite for using this 25% discount. However, if you want to stay for more than seven nights, you'll need to make more than one booking. E.g. if you want to stay for 14 nights, book for seven and then do another booking for the other seven nights.  Sorry, it's a system glitch that we hope DOC will fix soon.  Per-night prices of campsites vary and are dependent on the facilities, location, and the time of the year. Find out more.  

DOC also provides private lodges, cabins and cottages in scenic settings throughout New Zealand. They're ideal for families and groups and accessible by vehicle, boat or short walk. And great value with your 25% per night member discount. At the more basic end, you can stay at one of over 950 DOC backcountry huts of all shapes and sizes. They provide unique places to stay, refuge from bad weather, or rest and recover when you're out exploring the outdoors. You can find the normal priceshere.  

Great Walks – save 25%  

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Great Walks. The Great Walks provide unparalleled access to some of the country’s most incredible natural landscapes, wildlife and cultural heritage. There’s a Great Walk for everyone. You’ll save 25% on eight of the Great Walks – a new member benefit that we added last July. We recommend booking early on DOC’s website to secure popular dates.  

See DOC's website for the full terms and conditions or check out this info sheet on discounts on DOC accommodation and passes for NZMCA members. 

How do I get my discount and pre-book?

DOC currently has two booking systems – Great Walks and huts, campsites and lodges. You need separate accounts for each system. If you don't already have one, your first step is to set-up a DOC account and upload a copy of your NZMCA membership card for DOC to verify. This can take up to 2-3 days so it's best to set it up before you need to use it. Once set-up you use your DOC account to buy passes, casual stays or book Great Walks and your NZMCA discount will be automatically applied.

Do I need to pre-book if I'm staying at DOC campsites?

Yes. Before you arrive, you must use your DOC account to reserve a place at bookable DOC campsites, even if you're using a campsite pass. Secure
your spot and avoids a booking fee if DOC staff have to book it for you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

We’re two individuals in a membership; do we need to set up an account and purchase the pass separately?

One account is sufficient, but you do need your own individual passes

Can I book without doing it online?

DOC’s team can help you use their online booking system

Are there any exclusions?

Yes. The discount doesn’t apply to campsites, huts and sole-occupancy accommodation that are either not managed or owned by DOC.

Why doesn’t the discount apply to my children/grandchildren when they’re travelling with me?

The discount is now per person and not per vehicle

Can I bring my dog with me to the campsites?

There are 62 dog-friendly campsites on public conservation land throughout New Zealand