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Getting started on 'smart' security

Smart security has become increasingly popular and much more affordable in recent years, but now there are so many options you might not know where to start. From smart locks, video doorbells to intelligent security lights and smart cameras - both indoor and outdoor - there are loads of high-tech ways to make your home safer. And it's just as important as ever. 

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, there were over 43,000 residential burglaries in New Zealand last year. Of those crimes, where the time they took place could be established, the majority happened in the early afternoon. That's when many of us are away from home. But tech can help keep your home safe whether you're there or not. 

Noel Leeming stores are expanding their smart security offerings from well-known worldwide brands and have tech experts skilled in both the tech and matching it to your needs so they can advise you on exactly the right options. What's more, if you're keen to get some smart security gear set up at your place but don't have the tools or ability to do it yourself, a Noel Leeming Tech Solutions Specialist can come round and do that for you too. 

While there are too many smart security devices to list, here's four solutions that could be your easy first steps toward a safer home. 

Smart Locks 

People have been using locks for over 6000 years, but the method of sticking a fashioned piece of metal into a little hole and turning it is fast becoming obsolete. The latest locks can be opened with fingerprints, apps - even just you getting physically close to it, if it's paired with your phone. You can set temporary access codes for letting contractors in or for when family visit, and have that access recorded so you can track who has entered your home and when. 

A recent survey on smart locks found 21 percent of people had thought about purchasing one but over 3/4 were unsure about how to install it. While some are easy to install if you’re unsure and need help from an expert. Check out smart locks here.

Video Doorbells 

Using a peephole to see who's at the door involves effort one shouldn't have to spend in 2021 - especially if you're not even home.

Having a video doorbell installed means you don't have to get off the couch to see who's arrived. Plus you can communicate with them via its speaker and, if it's integrated with a smart lock, open the door for them. That set-up could be particularly handy for courier deliveries that arrive while you're at work. Using the app you can make sure it is actually a courier, say gidday to them, let them in to pop your package behind the door and then lock it behind them as they leave. Check out this video doorbell.

Smart Cameras 

Getting quality HD security cameras watching over your home 24/7 is much cheaper and easier with wireless technology than it used to be and is one of the best ways to see exactly what's going on at your place at any given time. Modern devices will alert you whenever they sense activity and can even see in the dark without needing a spotlight to help them. Be warned though: if you have a cat or dog at home, you might find yourself spending a lot of time watching what they get up to when you're not there. Check out this smart camera.

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Smart Lights 

The ways you can use smart lights is growing all the time and you might be surprised at how well they can complement your security set-up. If you're away on holiday, you can set a routine to have lights turn off and on at different times, making it look like someone's always home. You can also manually do that remotely through an app, if you're a bit of a control freak. Also, if you link it to your doorbell, you can set a smart light to flash as an alert that someone's arrived. This is handy if you can't hear it and don't have your mobile nearby. Check out this smart light.

There are plenty of other ways to make your home safer and more secure using tech. You can pop into a Noel Leeming store to see how they work in person, or find out more about creating a smart home on the Noel Leeming website.

And as well as offering delivery and installation options, Noel Leeming will give you free use of their tech support helpdesk for one year after you've bought something from them.

(Be assured of getting the best prices all year round. Simply present your NZMCA membership card - physical card or electronic one on the NZMCA App- at any of Noel Leeming's 76 stores nationwide).

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