How to download the Motor Caravanner on a tablet

Books- a default e-reader for Apple mobile devices- showing the downloaded MC
Books- a default e-reader for Apple mobile devices- showing the downloaded MC

We know- you'd rather read the physical copy of the latest issue of The Motor Caravanner.

But with the lockdown in place and no certainty at the moment with the postal system, you have to make do with the PDF copy. If you have an iPad or a tablet, here's a quick way to do it the digital way.


  • Go to where The Motor Caravanner PDFs are stored; log in first because it's a member-only page.
  • Tap to download; the PDF opens on a new browser*

*So if you close this browser, the PDF is not saved as it's only opened for you to view it.


  • Once its downloaded and open on a new browser, tap on the 'share' icon (circled). This gives you heaps of ways to 'share' it - which also means a choice on how to open and view it.
  • Tap on 'more' (which you can see in the photo with three dots on top).


  • When you tap on 'more' it opens this window which gives you an option as to where to 'copy' it.
  • Select 'Copy to Books'; Books is a pre-installed e-reading app for IOS devices, so no need for you to download an e-reading app*

*Reading The Motor Caravanner or any PDF is better done on an e-reading app as the app makes the experience better, allowing you access to find specific pages and even word specific look-ups.


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