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Welcome home Motorhome Friendly Towns!

The biggest change is that is no more

The website that is, not the program which at 56 towns and counting, has gone from strength to strength, and for 2020- the year of numerous challenges- returns even stronger with a slew of exciting initiatives just for you. But we’ll go into that later.

So where is the Motorhome Friendly Town program now?

The Motorhome Friendly Town has its own homepage here- under the Motorhome Friendly tab in the main menu. All your usual events and walking & cycling trails are in there as well. 

The next major change is a much more comprehensive online Travel Directory (TD) which you’ll find under the Travel & Explore tab in the main menu. 

How do I use it?

To start your search, all you need to do is enter where you want to go- type in a location or place name (note: we’re using Google mapping so make sure that when Google maps brings up your location, select it with your mouse cursor if you’re on a laptop/desktop).

The results that you’ll get within a default 20km radius of your chosen location (you can adjust this up to 100kms) are:

  • Travel Directory sites in your chosen location within your selected radius- eg. NZMCA Parks, camping-grounds, dump stations etc. Make sure you’re logged into the website so that member-only sites such as the parks, Park Over Properties, Charges Apply etc, are visible. These are coloured orange.
  • Motorhome Friendly towns in your chosen location (these are coloured green) along with Motorhome Friendly events & Motorhome Friendly walking & cycling trails in the same chosen selection.
  • NZMCA Rallies- again, these would only appear if you’re logged into the website.
  • Other Points of Interest you may find helpful such as supermarkets, petrol stations (because we use Google Mapping, these are called ‘Gas station’). By default these are turned off; selecting one type of POI makes the results visible.

This is the order the results of your search will always be in- TD sites first, then Motorhome Friendly towns, events, walking & cycling trails, NZMCA Rallies and other Points of Interest last.

Adjusting the radius will adjust your results as well.

Can you refine your results further?

Yes. Simply select the ‘Filter results’ button which gives you the option of viewing either just Travel Directory sites, or Motorhome Friendly Town information.

When you opt to refine your search results to just Travel Directory sites, you can find TD sites by site type (POP, CAP, etc); you can enter a keyword; you can enter a site name or a site’s TD number. You can also filter by Facilities (eg. selecting Pet Friendly only loads TD sites that are Pet Friendly).

When you opt to refine your search results to just Motorhome Friendly information, you can select to just load towns, walking & cycling trails or events.

Not really good at this, any tips?

Give it a go! We can go on and on explaining how it works, but the best teacher is always experience- try it out, give it a spin. If you encounter issues or have some queries, fire us an email, [email protected].

Can I pay my NZMCA Park fees on the online Travel Directory?

Absolutely yes. You can even pay on your laptop or desktop computer (you need to be logged in).

  • Simply open the NZMCA Park's profile page- TIP: for a quicker search, type in the park's name on the elastic search field at the top of the website.
  • Click/Tap PAY FEE (see screenshot on the left)
  • Fill in the required information
  • Pay using your credit-card
  • NO additional card fees

And to celebrate this homecoming, check out some great stuff below

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming

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