The NZMCA Park Over Property (POP) Scheme first started in 1991, with one member offering overnight parking at her property. It has since grown into a unique network of overnight parking locations on private land throughout New Zealand, that welcomes our members and provides a safe place for them to park overnight.

But POPs provide more than just a safe place to park overnight but have become opportunities to sample a wide variety of New Zealand experiences at little or no cost. The range of property types run from residential sites, business premises, golf clubs to sites of historical and tourist interest.

How it started

In the nearly 30 years it has been in existence, the Park Over Property scheme has become the largest one of its kind in New Zealand. 


What qualifies as a POP?

If you have land or a space suitable for motor caravan parking overnight, you can be a POP- but there are rules.


Become a POP

Listing is free; take advantage of what is essentially a mutually beneficial arrangement.


Get to know a few of our POPs

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The member's 'Bible'

The Park Over Property Scheme takes the form of the Travel Directory (TD) which also includes listings of public sites such as Freedom Camping spots, DOC camps, Auckland Regional Parks & dump stations. As the TD is only printed every two years, there is an online version of it on the NZMCA website as well as a mobile app, both of which are updated on a regular basis.

Your Most Frequently Asked POP Questions

We have a formatting template that we follow for both the printed Travel Directory (TD) and the online Travel Directory. Due to space restrictions, there is a specific word count limit for the printed TD. We can however, accommodate a longer listing on the online TD & the mobile app.
The printed TD is a member only publication and access to the non-public section of the online TD is for members only, but you will be provided a PDF copy of how your listing currently appears online once your application has been approved and completed. If you haven't recieved this, send a request to [email protected]
It’s your prerogative to host non-NZMCA members but be mindful that should potential issues arise, it would be far easier to track down members. Just make sure you have details like vehicle registration or NZMCA membership numbers (number stickers are stuck to the NZMCA red wing decal on the back or front of the vehicle).
A firm, flat and accessible parking space is the priority; facilities are welcome but not necessary.
How much you charge is totally up to you. Just as a point of reference, the current average is $5 per person, per night for a site with no amenities and up to $30 for a camping ground with facilities. Because rates are not printed, you can change them and adjust them any time.
Yes you can and this can be a separate listing as well. Just contact us to have this arranged.
The answer to this question largely depends on the location and scale of your POP site, the planning rules that apply to your property, and whether a donation or fee is charged to people camping overnight. Many POP sites throughout New Zealand are permitted to operate without a resource consent, however many other POP sites are required to obtain a resource consent due to the location, nature of the POP site activity, and the local planning requirements. In many cases the process for obtaining resource consent is reasonably straightforward, however applying for resource consent in some areas can quickly become a time consuming and costly exercise. Asking visitors to pay a donation or charging them a fee (regardless of the amount) to park overnight may require you to apply for exemptions under the Camping-grounds Regulations 1985. If you are unsure whether your POP site requires a resource consent or exemptions under the Camping-grounds Regulations, please contact your local council and ask to speak to their duty planner. If you are unsure what the duty planners advice means, please contact the NZMCA. We have a small team of in-house planning and policy professionals who may be able to provide you with high level advice on what to do next if the council confirms you require a resource consent or exemptions from the regulations.
We have signage available to indicate that your property is listed under as a POP. If you feel that is not sufficient, please contact us as the NZMCA Wings logo is trademarked and has specific design terms for its use and duplication.