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Park Over Property Scheme

Overnight Parking Scheme: Property Information Form

Property Type *

A campground registered with the local Council that has a dump station available FREE for camp residents or at a charge to casual users. There will be a charge associated with staying overnight at the campground.
A campground registered with the local Council that does not have a dump station, however offers NZMCA members a discount off normal rates and/or is dog friendly. There will be a charge associated with staying overnight at the camping ground.
Private properties that provide FREE overnight parking, i.e. no request for donations, or set fees. Visitors may need to pay for the use of any onsite amenities i.e. power, fresh water, toilets, and showers.
All properties that provide low cost overnight parking, i.e. request donations, or set fees (less than local camping ground fees).
Includes all Sports Clubs, RSA’s, Workingmen’s Clubs etc. There may be some conditions of use and there may be a small charge for members who park overnight.
All properties that provide Freedom Camping.


Please use commas to separate address information

Further Details

Overnight Rates

(Camping grounds, clubs & associations & charges apply sites only. Rates will not be published and only appears on the online Travel Directory)

(.e.g local attractions, amenities. An abbreviated form of this appears on the printed travel directory)

(e.g. dogs on leads, hours to get in, dates unavailable, NZMCA member access only, etc)

Facilities Offered on Site

Not sure about what constitutes a large vehicle?

Large Vehicle Dimensions
  • 2.5 metres wide when slides closed up.With both slides expanded in the rear lounge area the width is 4.5 metres (Almost all large 5th Wheels have double slides at the rear)
  • Large vehicles need 4m+ in height and a width of 2.5m from overhanging trees as well as clearance from gardens and rocks to safely access the property.


We provide free signage to Park Over Property (Free) sites only. This is coloured yellow. White signage are for sites that charge a fee.The signs are approximately 250 x 200mm on a self-adhesive vinyl, place on a slightly bigger alloy plate. These signs are optional.

These signs remain the propoerty of the NZMCA & must be removed if requested by the NZMCA.

Members Welcome Sign (optional)

Sign - NZMCA Members Welcome


Sign - Park Over Property



NZMCA Members have access to an ONLINE TRAVEL DIRECTORY which includes up to three photos of each site.

The Property Owner(s) confirms all information provided is correct and should this information change agree to update the NZMCA National Office immediately. To withdraw a property from the scheme it shall be sufficient for the Property Owners or NZMCA National Office to give such notice in writing, and return any Park Over Property signs to the NZMCA National Office.


When processing your application the NZMCA has assumed you have read and understood all the information attached to this application form. The NZMCA will not accept any liability to any property owner, member or persons in the motor caravan for any accident, injury, loss, or damage to persons or property occupying or using any part of a site, however caused. Please note that should a site contravene any New Zealand REGULATION OR LAW, e.g. Camping Ground Regulations (1985),The Resource Management Act (1991) (including district and regional plans), and the Building Act 2004, the NZMCA. the NZMCA will not be responsible for any legal implications. It is the responsibility of the property owner, and not the NZMCA, to ensure their site complies with all applicable rules and regulations. All fees and donations are governed by the individual sitE. owners, and not the NZMCA.

Note: If your submission requires payment, you will be contacted for your credit card details.

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